What is the fastest way to get your customers behind the wheel of a new car? Pre-screening and pre-qualifying them for credit.

Tip of The Month

Technology and the internet have permanently converted the automotive shopping experience into an on-demand, mobilized process.

More and more car buyers are looking for information on their mobile device and conducting research through mobile apps. Today’s consumers expect dealers to deliver the right content – when, where and how they want it. They are smarter, better informed and more intolerant of ‘being sold’ than ever before. If your dealership has not kept up with the changing times, then you are definitely losing sales, gross and market share.

Dealership-branded Mobile Apps should be consumer-friendly and useful. Otherwise, they will not use it. The best apps are also beneficial to the dealership. What does your app need to be relevant to both you and your consumers? Click below and see our list of “Must-Haves”!

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