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Bill Wittenmyer,

Five Tips to Weather the Perfect Storm
Inbound Call Handling — Service

Everyone knows the service department is the heart of net profits for a dealership and the lifeblood of its profitability. Developing a strategic and customer-centric process for handling service calls is a great way of getting back to the basics. Here are some key processes that your store can implement today to increase service appointments and market share.

A recent sampling (June, 2015) of 120 dealerships using the ELEAD Contact Center to handle service calls during a 30-day period showed over 70 percent of inbound calls result in an appointment when calls were answered and handled properly.

  • Create a service dedicated inbound call team
    or outsource to a specialized provider.
  • Make sure the inbound call team has access to
    the Service CRM and online appointment scheduling tools.
  • If an auto attendant is used, make sure to include
    an option to schedule a service appointment.
  • Use a call tracking ability that is tied to the CRM or DMS.
  • Provide the Inbound Call Team with specific word tracks and scripting.

The most important element for any store is to answer all incoming calls and be attentive. Success is comprised of flexibility, measurability and the ability to fine-tune results over time.

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