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ELEAD1ONE Drives Sales Forward

Are you ready to integrate a mobile app into your dealership experience? Follow these guidelines for an app that delivers the maximum ROI and the best customer experience:

Mobile App Must Haves:

  • Ability for the user to create an account, so they do not have to re-enter information every time prior to use
  • Ability to have multiple vehicles in one account
  • Ability to send targeted and relative incentives specific to vehicles in garage
  • Integration with dealership's loyalty program
  • Displays current dealership inventory
  • Displays up-to-date history
  • Easy-to-use online service scheduler or integration with other online schedulers that may be mandated
  • Built-in maintenance and appt reminders

Consumer Must Haves:
  • Parking assistant that sets your clock with parking meter reminders
  • Vehicle location finder
  • Integration with roadside assistance program
  • Local search for gas stations and the best prices on gas
  • Integration with financial lenders to make car payment at any time

Not convinced that your dealership needs a mobile app? If you are interested in improving your customer retention, increasing service revenue, building stronger customer relationships, and directly sharing your inventory with your customers you should consider adding a mobile app.

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