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Email Marketing
That Dances on Your Desktop
Email Marketing that totally rocks
With Transparency Email you can deliver high-impact mobile-enabled emails right into the recipient’s inbox. This innovative email program will put your website into the prospect's inbox or mobile phone. The email is fully interactive with your website, so the prospect can start shopping for a new vehicle as soon as they open the email.

The cheapest way to reach a Gazillion People- Instantly
Blows Away Direct Mail
Ordinary direct mail is expensive. It can cost as much as 75 cents to $2.50 per piece. Transparency Email delivers results for a fraction of the cost.

"Last month we sent out 300,000 emails and averaged a 17% open rate. We know that it worked because we could verify the traffic to our website on our Google Analytics. This helped us have one of the best months of the year."
- Chrysler Dealer in California

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