In 2014, our clients outperformed the competition. Why? Because they don't deal with 10 different vendors selling similar products and services. They partner with one... WorldDealer. Their Digital, Social & Traditional Marketing are fused into a unified and coordinated marketing message.

Before you spend anymore money on marketing or another "great" product at NADA let us review your current plan and existing vendors.

We call it ONE VOICE. You'll call it remarkable.

I am scheduling appointments for NADA and would love the opportunity to provide you a no-cost, no strings attached review. This review typically identifies service that is repetitive and in some cases counterproductive. I can help you better understand your digital opportunities.

WorldDealer is a full service Digital Marketing firm providing:

  • Responsive Design Websites
  • Advanced SEO/VSEO/SEM
  • Dynamic Retargeting/Geo Fencing
  • Social/Reputation/Brand Analytics
  • Database/Conquest Email
  • Traditional Media/Production
  • Direct Mail/Print/Outdoor
  • Contests/Promotions
  • Public Relations
  • Co-op Management

To schedule a consultation or obtain more information about WorldDealer at the conference, please give me a call at 412-302-6822 or email me at

If you are not able to attend this year's conference, let's schedule some time to talk this week. I look forward to talking soon,

Paul Accinno