Our geo targert Local eMail marketing that can deliver your advertisement to customers around your business.
  • eMail generated a ROI of $43.62 for every dollar in 2009, according to DMA.
  • 78% of online shoppers have purchased through permission-based eMails.
  • 59% of eMail recipients have bought in a retail store as a result of an eMail.
  • 53% of business users check eMail six or more times a day.
  • Business users spend over 49 minutes per day managing their eMail accounts.
  • 70% of people surveyed reported checking their personal eMail at work.
Target your audience, with our Geo Targeted Database of over 110 million opt in eMail addresses you can build your list by distance to your store or business. Easily create your marketing message. Send out your custom creative or use any of our Templates Track your results, unlike other advertising you can see how many people opened and clicked.

Build your OWN customer database. Unlike other companies we GIVE you the clickers from your campaign so that you can follow up with them directly. NO other company shares this data with you.

Advertising Medium Response Rates Cost per Lead
eMail 2.09% $4.16
Newspaper 0.16% $18.73
Inserts 0.57% $20.06
Catalogs 6.12% $26.00
Direct Mail 1.61% $27.38
Telemarketing 2.46% $67.97

Compared to traditional media, eMail is fast, personal, interactive and extremely cost effective.

You can launch an eMail campaign for a fraction of the cost of any other type of direct marketing campaign.
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