Mobile-Enabled Conquest Marketing
Spring Clearance Email Marketing

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Our year-end campaign
deployed to
2.8 Million
interested buyers

helped the NEBC have a record month.
Drive sales today with a Mobile Conquest Campaign. We build you a custom conquest database consisting of:
 • Owners
 • Lease Expiries
 • Competitive Makes
 • Auto Intenders
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"We consistently see 25 to 50 sales that can be attributed to the campaign every month, along with an ongoing spike in website traffic. This works!"
-Northeast CDJR Dealer

Mobile Email Template Advantage

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Engage the largest possible audience with Cactus Sky's 3 Touch Strategy targeting high quality prospects with mobile responsive emails.
Your 50% PAP Eligible Campaign Includes:
  • Mobile Responsive Email Template and Landing Page
  • Prominent Dealership Branding
  • "Get a Quote" Rapid Response Button
  • Customer Data Capture Form
  • Mobile Responsive Customizable Service Coupon Microsite
  • Complete Prospect Activity Tracking and Sales Reporting
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50,000 Emails For: $1500
75,000 Emails For: $1995
Cactus Sky 3 Touch Email Strategy:
300,000 Emails (100k x 3) $4995
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