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From the desk of
Peter Martin

Congratulations to the Chrysler team on the record-breaking month. More cars and trucks (1,634,953) were sold last month than in any May ever, a charge led by FCA with sales of 202,227 units. Chrysler sales climbed 32%, Jeep sales increased 13%, and Ram also increased 12%.

We are proud to be a part of NEBC’s success. Seven vehicles set records last month including three that were featured on our email blast: the Jeep Cherokee, the Chrysler 200, and the Dodge Challenger.

Some additional highlights include:
  • Sales increased 4 percent (best May sales since 2005).
  • Exceeded 200,000 total unit sales for first time in eight years.
  • Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler had its best sales ever.
  • Dodge Challenger sales were up 29 percent (best monthly sales ever).
We have added a detailed reporting section to the chrysler-specials.com site we built. Click on the Chrysler logo and use the password “chryslerstats” to access the site.

Congratulations to the NEBC and all of the Chrysler team nationwide. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your region and dealers please give me a call today.
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