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Target Your Exposure

Get top exposure to over 100,000 automotive contacts, including over 30,000 Dealers and C Level Executives. No more spray and pray, your message is seen by industry decision makers.
Social Media Integration

Post your campaign across our social networks for maximum exposure. We have 5,000+ Facebook Fans and 41,000+ Twitter Followers that will see your message in addition to the database receiving your email.
Progressive Design

Forms pre-populate with customer data to make it easier than ever to submit information, especially on a mobile device. Studies show form completion increases by 36% with pre-populating fields.
Mobile Advantage

Our emails adapt to the mobile screen because:
  1. Over 60% of our dealer contacts are reading their email on a mobile phone.
  2. 95% of people delete an email if it is not mobile-enabled.
Establish your position in the automotive marketplace with Cactus Sky Digital. We deliver your products and services to the right people. Schedule a demo today.

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