Reach 50,000 in-market car buyers the week between Christmas and New Year's with High Impact Mobile Messaging
Consumers are shopping for cars on their phone, even when they are at the dealership. Put your advertising directly in their hands and drive them to your website.

Imagine a consumer getting your advertisement while they are sitting in your competition's showroom.
"We sent out 100,000 emails last month and matched back 28 sales."
Chrysler Dealer in New York
Note: Matches are only against people who opened the email, not all 100,000 sent out. If someone does not open the email we do not count that person in the matching process.
December Special! $1,495 for 50,000 marketing messages delivered to local in-market buyers.

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• Mobile-Enabled
• Quick Turnaround
• Custom Creative
• Trackable
• PAP Eligible (Chrysler)

Data Targeting:

• Auto Intenders
• By Vehicle Make
• Luxury Buyers
• Truck Owners
• Age/Gender


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