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Pre-Show Marketing
Reach over 100,000 automotive professionals with a mobile email message that promotes your presence at NADA. Youíve invested a lot in your booth Ö donít miss this opportunity to drive traffic to it. There will be nearly 600 vendors attending, so you need a way to stand out from the crowd. This is it.

Pre-Show Marketing to Dealers & C-Level Executives
Need to reach only the decision-makers with a special offer, promotion or invitation? This is how you do it: use our database of more than 30,000 owners and C-level executives. Get in front of the right people and minimize the waste.

Pre-Show Appointment Scheduling
Reach the entire market prior to the show and make sure you donít miss a sales opportunity. There will be over 12,000 people attending the show but thousands more will not, so donít miss the chance to sell them using your NADA specials. For those that are attending, pre-scheduling appointments will increase your show closing ratio.

Custom Daily Booth Invitations
Reach NADA attendees during the show and remind them to come visit your booth! These emails are delivered during the show, and are a powerful tool to drive traffic your way. People are constantly checking their email throughout the day ... break through the clutter and remind them to get to your booth!

Celebrity Booth Invitations
Having a celebrity at your booth? How will people know? These emails can be deployed at specific times to coordinate with your celebrity appearances, driving more people to stop by.

Daily Booth Promotion
Reach the attendees of the convention every morning as they are on the bus going to the convention center. These emails are delivered between 7 and 9 every morning of the show and are titled: Must See Booths. For the past 2 years these campaigns have successfully increased traffic to the clientsí booths. Clients reported heavier traffic to their booths than theyíd ever had before.

Having a speaking session at NADA is one of the most beneficial marketing opportunities in the industry. Itís a chance to brand your company and build credibility in the dealer community. Even though you can't pitch your products or services at the session you can invite people to visit you at your booth and drive traffic.

With hundreds of sessions going on how can you fill your room and take advantage of all the potential leads?

These emails are delivered when most attendees are on the bus heading to the convention center, and will set your appearance apart from all the other options.