Not All Emails Are Created Equal
Anyone can press "send" and blast out emails.The mistake is not recognizing that email is a relationship building tool. It takes more than one email to generate a response ... success requires a consistent, ongoing inbox presence.

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For over 17 years Cactus Sky has been the auto industry leader in email marketing with clients like Chrysler, Dealertrac, eLeads and dealers nationwide.

There are 4 key things to focus on in conquest email marketing:

Impact on your internal CRM prospect database
See mobile-friendly before and after examples:
It's harder than ever to deliver emails today, especially to Gmail and Yahoo accounts, and CRM systems are NOT up to the task. We get your emails delivered, and we don't stop there.

With every email sent, we help you build your internal CRM Prospect database. Specifically, we take the clickers (people who read the email and click through to your website) and add them into your database for Lead Nurturing. Our conquest campaigns are generating 3,000 to 5,000 clickers ... would that many new prospects make a difference in your sales?

If you've dealt with other providers, you might be skeptical of conquest email programs and rightly so, but with our new system, there's no question about whether the clickers are real. That's the power of Dealer Influence from Cactus Sky Digital.

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