Has dealership staff turnover negatively impacted your customer retention?
Over a 60% turnover rate in the auto industry is a problem.
We have developed a new customer retention program that will help you expand your customers' contact database. Utilizing our automotive database of over 100,000 contact we cross reference your customer base and match up all available contact at that dealership. For example, we have a client with 61 dealership clients. His contact database contained only 62 contacts. After cross referencing and appending based upon domain name we we able to build a new customer database that contained over 600 records

For another client that provided us his customer list of just over 600 contacts we were able to expand his customer database to over 6000 records. We have sent two campaigns for them and they are seeing great open rates and resonse rates. This is the latest campaign.

Increase dealer retention with improved client communication and value building.
Is your customer still your customer?
According to NADA, the average dealership has over 50 employees, but you're working with only one or two of them. In other words, most of the staff know nothing about you, what you're doing for the dealership or the value you provide. With over a 60% turnover rate in the industry, there's a good chance that the person who hired you will move on ... and there goes your client.
"There is no doubt in my mind that Cactus Sky’s email campaign had a large positive impact at our NADA booth this year. We got 4 times the amount of leads than previous years. I definitely recommend them if you need to reach the decision makers across the country."
- Alex Rounds, Digital Marketing Manager, AdPro 360
Keep your hard-earned clients
You work hard to attract and sign customers. Don't let the changing bodies in the chairs undo your hard work. Contact us about a customer retention campaign and remind the whole dealership team that you're working hard to make them successful.