"We send out around 600,000 emails a month and avg. about 100 match backs."
-Southwest Major Metropolitan Dealer  
Don't Miss Another Big Weekend
July 4th Stamp
Even if your Memorial Day was a success, this July brings 6 new, huge opportunities to sell big with 5 Saturdays and an extended Monday, July 4th holiday weekend. Corner your market with a conquest marketing campaign .
The Holiday is Creeping Up
Prepare ahead of time! Google announced more than half of all web traffic now comes from smartphones & tablets), make sure your prospects can easily find your dealership, wherever they are looking.
Mobile Enabled
Conquer Conquest Email Marketing. One in four car purchasers turns to mobile EVERY DAY to research vehicles (Millward Brown Digital and Polk). Build your local presence and direct prospects to your dealership every Saturday in July.
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