Campaign Results
Year-End-Clearance 2015
Deployment Date 11/13/2015
Email Volume 200,000
Total Opens 34,251
Open % 17.13%
Total Clicks 4,142
CTR 12.09%
Advanced Prospect Data Targeting Drives Traffic
Build Custom Databases of
100,000 plus In-Market Consumers
•  Income and Credit
•  Competitive Make
•  Lease Expirees
•  Auto Intenders
•  Luxury Buyers
•  Truck Owners
How Often do you check email on your phone?
A couple times a day? At least.
Email is even more unique now that smartphones are everywhere. You see it all day, the phone comes out of the pocket or purse every spare second. Your email has so many chances to get viewed. Forget direct mail, people see that once in between the mailbox and the trash can.
Reach your target audience with our mobile-responsive campaigns and advanced data targeting. Skip the trash can and boost your holiday weekend business.
Boost Your Year-End With Effective Email Marketing
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