WebDoc Webinar Series
  Featured Speaker:
Sean Seltzer
Chief Executive Officer
 Do You Know Where Your Money Lives?
Everyone is continuously trying to find better ways to target their respective customers, as well as their neighbors in an easy manner. The old method of radius based advertising has come and gone. The primary focus of your advertising should be in your most profitable areas to those clients as well as look-a-like potential customers.

During this session we will show you how to use your own data to better understand your current and future market. Once you understand your market we will show you how to use the latest Facebook advertising techniques to drive your messaging to the these clients. Examples will be provided showing executions to in-market shoppers for as low as $.18 cost per click.

Primary Learning Objectives:
  Learn how to understand your current client base in regards to your future dealership profitability.
•  Discover how and when to place your advertising to find, sell, and keep these high potential customers.
•  Understand how Facebook advertising has become the Google 2.0 experience.