When you look around your lot, what do you see? Are your customers patiently listening to your 10-step sales process? Are they asking for your help deciding which vehicle they should test drive? I didn’t think so. Selling doesn’t work that way anymore. And neither should you.

On September 23 at 1 p.m. CDT, I’m hosting a webinar called “The New Road to the Sale.” I’ll share the five new rules of the road to modernize your selling process and give today’s customers what they want. Because if you don’t deliver the experience they’re looking for, they’ll find a dealer who will.

So how about it — will I see you on Wednesday?
Sean Stapleton
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

The New Road to the Sale: 5 Rules of the Road to
Help Dealers Navigate the
Modern Sale

Sean Stapleton, VinSolutions
Wednesday, September 23
1 p.m. CDT