Featured Speaker:
Peter Martin
Cactus Sky Digital
October 5th, 2015
Monday 3:30 PM - 4:20 PM
  Convert Dormant Leads to Hot Prospects with Targeted Email Marketing

There is no such thing as a dead lead. Your next best customer is sitting in your CRM and you are not properly marketing to them. 48% of Car Buyers spend one to three months shopping before making a purchase. 83% do research online before buying a car. Target these unsold Internet leads with mobile-responsive follow-up marketing messages.

Don't waste anymore money, buying more leads when you already have the key to unlocking more sales and service revenue. Your BDC is only capable of making so many calls per day. Email marketing targets your entire database. This is the best way to reactivate dormant leads and selling more cars.

Primary Learning Objectives:
  Learn how to clean your database before sending mass email marketing campaigns.
•  Discover how to schedule sales and service campaigns for optimal impact.
•  Understand the importance of using mobile-enabled emails to increase conversions.
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