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Last month Chrysler posted some impressive numbers including 202,227 total vehicles sold, the first time breaking 200,000 total unit sales in 8 years. Sales increased 4%, the best May sales since 2005. Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler had their best sales ever and Dodge Challenger sales were up 29%, a lifetime monthly sales high.

One of our dealers broke 300 units for the first time in their history. The dramatic increase was due to the fact that we deployed over 900,000 prospect emails for him in his market, combined with the 2 million Tier 2 emails that we deployed for corporate in the same market.
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The secret to our success is our creative. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry are out there selling email blasts and most of them are inexperienced and fail to hit the mark. We bring 13 years of experience and the extra touches that the others do not:
  • We are car people and know how to sell
  • Our campaigns are mobile enabled
  • We have better delivery and engagement
  • We build custom databases to fit your needs
PLUS: our campaigns are PAP eligible.
Ride the wave of success and capitalize on every opportunity by reaching your local market with effective email marketing.

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