I just wanted to drop you a quick note and touch base after NADA. I am sorry we did not have an opportunity to catch up at the show, but I would like to see if we can set up a 7 minute GoToMeeting this week so I can show you how our new Dealer Influence product will help you sell more cars, expand your brand recognition, improve customer relations, and dominate page one of Google.
You know me best from Cactus Sky and during the show we had over a 11% open rate on our "NADA Top Recommended Booths" email campaign. If I was able to deliver emails to you and your fellow dealers, imagine what kind of results I can have for your store.
See the campaign:
This year is going to be huge. The Dealer Influence Solution combines 5 of my best products into an integrated synergic product that will provide results like no other product available in the marketplace today. For over 20 years we have been the Premier email marketing company in the country and this integrated solution is packed full of new technology:
1.Real-Time Clickers
2.Return Website Visitor Notifications
3.Marketing Automation
4.High Impact Triggered Messaging
5.Video Testimonials
All of these aspects combined will help your team effectively and efficiently follow up with your prospects and customers. Please let me know when we can set up a 7-minute demo and get started.
See you at the TOP,
Peter "webdoc" Martin
Cactus Sky Digital
O: 410.296.2343
C: 954.205.7716