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Incredibly, there are only four months until the end of the year.
•  Are you on track to break sales goals this year?
•  Are you making the kind of money you expected when the year began?
•  Do you have loads of leads coming to you?
•  Or, is the year so far not nearly as good as you'd hoped?
If you're not absolutely blown away with your progress, then you need to remember two things:
1.  You better start doing things very differently if you want to rescue the year.
2.  It's not too late to make this year your best ever.
Here are some tips for taking your dealership to a whole new level in the second half of the year.
1.  Start your week on a positive note.
Did you know that more heart attacks occur on Monday morning than on any other day of the week? People are just dying to go to work…
If you start your Monday on a positive note, it will carry through the week and drip down to your team. Remember the speed of the pack is determined by the leader.
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2.  2. Stop wasting so much time on things that don't increase your income…
Shorten the meetings. Don't take every call. Time and time again I see other dealers get caught up doing busy work all day long. Don't confuse activity with productivity.
The more you automate your marketing efforts, the more time you have to focus on selling cars.
3.  What are the two ways your dealership makes money?
Sales and Service Revenue. Period. Your dealership's bottom line depends on new and pre-owned vehicle sales and generating service revenue. Touch your database twice a month with one sales and one service message to maximize revenue and stay top of mind.
4.  Keep the Conversation Positive!
Your prospective (and even current) customers are determining whether or not to trust your dealership based on your online reputation. Google factors online reputation into your search engine ranking. If you aren't collecting positive reviews, you are going to be invisible online.
It's not too late to have an awesome year. But you have to act now. Our integrated package tackles all the pressure points. When can we set up a call to make the next half of the year, the best half of the year?
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