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The Webdoc
With NADA just a few days away, we're all extremely busy. So I want to thank you in advance for reading, and let you know I wouldn't be reaching out if I didn't think that we had something to offer you.
I'm Peter "webdoc" Martin, the President of Cactus Sky, and again this year I will be speaking at the convention on both Friday at 10:30 AM in Room N114 and Sunday at 10:45 AM in Room N115-117 and would like to personally invite you to my training. My session Convert Dead Leads to Hot Prospects with Data Mining explains how marketing automation increases sales.
Our Lead Igniter program was built specifically for the auto industry to help dealers close more internet leads. You have already invested thousands of dollars on 3rd party leads and our dynamic dealership-focused features make our service the most customizable and profitable platform to work with plus we offer 100% free and dedicated support to make sure that happens.
If you are not able to attend my sessions, please let me know when we can schedule a short meeting so I can show you how we can help your team sell more cars. Marketing automation is one of the hottest topics and if you are considering adopting a solution for the first time, I'd love to show you what we have to offer. Any chance we can we get on your calendar?
If you'd like to learn more before saying yes, I invite you to schedule a pre-NADA demo with us. Thank you in advance.
Peter "webdoc" Martin
Cactus Sky Digital
O: 410.296.2343
C: 954.205.7716