I wanted to first thank you for being a great client and I hope as you review 2016 you can see the impact that our efforts have had on your success. For 2017, we have made a big New Year's Resolution and it directly affects you.
Our resolution is to help you make 2017 your biggest and most profitable year ever. This is a tall order but with all the new marketing automation technology available we have tools and "tricks" that we never had before. I am confident that none of your competition has even heard of them.
One of the biggest changes that you will notice is that we will be sending your service campaign between the 1st and 3rd of the month and the sales campaign between the 15th and 17th of the month. We will follow up with your reporting one week after the campaign goes out. Last year we tested various deployment dates and found that these are the most productive dates, for this to work effectively we will need your team to provide any specials and approvals one week prior.
The other change is that we would like to have better communications with you. I know how busy you are but we would like to have a short monthly call to go over the results and see if there are any other areas that we can help you with.
We have combined all our services into one integrated product called Dealer Influence and I will be letting you know more about that in the upcoming weeks, you currently are using some of the products but with this composite service working together you really have a chance to raise your star power.
See you at the TOP,
Peter "webdoc" Martin
Cactus Sky Digital
O: 410.296.2343
C: 954.205.7716