Have you done the NADA math?
Follow along with me for a moment:
• The average dealer now owns 4.5 stores
• There are fewer than 17,000 U.S. franchise stores
• That works out to fewer than 4,000 dealers
Just a little more math: Let's say 30% of those dealers attend NADA. That's only about 1,200 people, and there are 573 booths and counting.
Read that again: 1,200 decision-makers. 573 booths. Talk about being spread pretty thin.
The bottom line to all the math is this: if they're not specifically looking for you and your booth, you're not going to be found, and with the investment you've already made in your NADA appearance you can't afford to let that happen. Want to get on their short lists? Contact me right away.
Peter "webdoc" Martin
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