As we head into the end of the year and NADA, I hope this email finds you well.

I'd like to ask a difficult question: is your advertising really working or are you just doing the same thing because it's become a habit? Most industry professionals are so busy they donít have time to measure, so they keep doing the same thing with the same mediocre results.

The best metric of all is this: How many dealers did your team talk to last month, and how many deals did they close?

Someone recently shared with me what CBT is charging for an email blast and I was blown away by it. You probably saw the same email, with a "special" price of $4,500 to reach 35,000 people.

Let me ask you this: would you be interested in reaching almost twice as many prospects, twice monthly, plus an automated follow-up tailored to their interest Ö for a whole lot less? It gets better: we will supply you with the email address of anyone who clicks on your campaign so you can market to them directly. Our email campaigns drive potential clients to your business and (unlike our competition) we get into the inbox. I believe we can help you in developing warm leads and increase your team's ability to set up appointments. We can act as your professional marketing arm while you focus on closing deals.

We have been helping vendors for over 17 years and have unmatched experience running campaigns.

If that sounds interesting, kindly let me know if youíre available for a call this week. Please hit me back with your best contact information. If this is not something you're responsible for please let me know the best person to contact.

Thanks, and talk soon,
Peter "webdoc" Martin
Cactus Sky Digital
O: 410.296.2343
C: 954.205.7716