From the desk of Robert Adcock,
Peter "Webdoc" Martin asked me to contact you because you met or attended his session "How to Double Your Internet Closing Ratio in 90 Days" at last year's NADA. We recently developed new innovative technology that will revolutionize how you manage and close internet leads.
I know that sounds like a bold statement, but trust me I am a car guy like you. The reason I left my position at MileOne, the Number One Auto group in Maryland, was because when I saw this product and what it could do to increase sales, I knew it is a winner.
Imagine receiving a notification every time an internet lead returns to your website to do more shopping. We all know the statistics about how long the buying process is and how many websites the prospect visits. With real time alerts while they are shopping, you can follow up when your dealership is on their minds. This is just one of the new tools that we have developed.
Please let me know when we can set up a short call to discuss how we can help you end the year strong and blow the doors off your competition in 2016.
The problem lies in your follow-up. Your BDC is simply not capable of following up with every lead until they buy, die, or fly. That's where we come in.
In just a few minutes, I can show you how to drive more qualified traffic to your dealership. That's the easy part. The hard part is picking up that phone and asking for help.

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Robert Adcock
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