Are You Ready?

With all-American holidays, last yearís model closeouts, and an overall sunnier disposition, summer shoppers are ready to spend. Make sure they spend at your dealership.

Partner with Cactus Sky for:

  • Advanced Data Targeting
  • The Mobile Advantage
  • Superior Creative Strategy
  • Robust Tracking, Analytics, and Retargeting

With our mobile-enabled campaigns you will wow the customer. Donít get caught in your competitionís wake, catch your wave of summer sales when you sign up.

78% of Users will delete an email if it doesnít look good on a mobile device

The benefits of mobile friendly websites:

  • 48% click through rate to your website
  • 68% of your prospects are more likely to view your inventory from their smartphones
  • 49% of the younger demographic will have access
  • 63% Conversion Rates
  • Campaigns are optimized and tested for iPhone and Android devices that support media queries
  • Phone numbers are text based and become ďclick to callĒ buttons when opened on mobile devices