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The 5 Most Important Parts of a Successful Direct Mail Letter
Despite the prevalence of electronic media, most financial institutions still rely heavily on good old-fashioned direct mail as a key component of their marketing arsenal.

A study conducted by InfoTrends and Prinova determined that direct mail is still an effective marketing channel for financial institutions. More than 70% of all survey participants said they had responded to a direct mail piece within the past three months — and 20% said they’d responded to direct mail within the past week.

The statistics were consistent across all age demographics, including tech-savvy Millennials who supposedly shun non-digital communications. In fact, 63% of the Millennials in the survey who responded to direct mail actually bought something!

DM Letters: Back to the Basics

Given the ongoing importance of direct mail as a marketing tool for financial institutions, it’s a good idea to brush up on some of the basics. Here are 5 components of a successful direct mail letter:

1. A benefit-oriented headline — Your headline is perhaps the most important component of a direct mail letter. It must include at least one concrete reader benefit in order to get readers’ attention and draw them into the rest of the letter. MORE

2. Well-written body copy — The text of your letter needs to reinforce the benefits of your product or service that are stated in the headline. The most effective direct mail letters use bullets to communicate benefits and strong action verbs at the beginning of each bullet. MORE

3. Effective use of white space — Creating a successful direct mail letter is as much about what you don’t write as what you do write. There needs to be plenty of light, airy white space in the letter to make it easy and inviting to read. MORE

4. Strong calls to action — There’s little room for subtlety in direct mail letters: You have to tell readers what you want them to do after they read the letter. MORE

5. A strategically written postscript line — Direct mail letters from financial institutions should include MORE

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