30 Years Later, Our Recipe for Success Stays the Same

Dealers can get caught up in a variety of customer retention fads especially with the growing popularity of online reputation. The secret to success is to keep it symbol. A genuine, friendly reputation strategy is as easy as fresh-baked cookies

Our personalized service has helped dealers retain customers for the last 30 years. Design your own tin, fill it with 20 fresh-baked Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, and include a pre-stamped survey referral card plus an online reputation card and you have that personal touch that keeps customers coming back. Find out more about our recipe for success.

Get Cookies
Each Gift Includes:
20 fresh-baked Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies in your Custom Canister
Custom hand-signed Thank You Card with your Dealership Logo
Pre-stamped Survey Referral Card
New! Social Media - Online Reputation Card or Customer Reward Coupon
Cookies and More

For over 30 years, the Cookie CRM program has provided an easy and effective way to improve your reputation, increase customer retention, and build long lasting relationships. See what our satisfied customers have to say:

Testimonial "The Fresh Beginnings Cookie program is part of our commitment to delivering the best customer experience possible. We receive valuable feedback and referrals from the survey card. Fresh Beginnings makes it easy for us to consistently thank each customer, and the surprise factor of the gift keeps them talking about us to their family and friends!"

--- David Lee, Owner Ford of Murfreesboro
Testimonial "I love the new Social Media and Online Review Card! I don't care if my customers are posting about the cookies or their car as long as they are talking about us and boosting our online presence and reputation!"

--- Tucker Campion Mercedes-Benz of Northlake
Testimonial "Our customers expect nothing short of an unsurpassable, first class buying and service experience from our dealership. The Fresh Beginnings Cookie Program provides us with the perfect finishing touch to an already exceptional experience. The Fresh Beginnings team is full of creative and caring individuals who work hard to earn our business."

--- Joe Shuster President & Dealer Manager Honda of Downtown LA
Testimonial "Our customers love the cookies! We have been very pleased with the Fresh Beginnings cookie program. This simple "Thank You" has made a difference in both our referral business and our customer retention. They ask about the cookies when they come in!"

--- George Girjel GM Toyota of Cool Springs
Testimonial "We have used the thank you cookie tins from Fresh Beginnings for over 10 years at our dealerships and customers LOVE getting them after the sale! We get great feedback on the cookies and know that the program increases customer satisfaction and referrals."

--- David Williams - Williams Automotive Group
Testimonial "The Fresh Beginnings Cookie Program has been a part of our business model for over 20 years. We receive at least 85% of the Survey Cards back, giving me more feedback from my customers than any other form of communication we are using. I use the feedback to contact the customer and resolve any issues or concerns immediately. The cookies make the buying experience more personal and our customers love them! This program really works."

--- Terry D'Arcy D'Arcy Motors
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