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Helping Dealers Since 1946
For over 70 years, Harvey Industries has been helping dealers safely remove dangerous emissions from the service department. An important, if not glamorous business, no one has been doing it more effectively or longer than Harvey.
As you know, Carbon monoxide is an invisible and lethal gas, that can quickly create a health and legal exposure for your dealership. Exhaust hoses, tubing, adapters and accessories don't last forever, now is the time of year to inspect and repair or replace your system.
With our decades of experience, we provide system review, complete repair or replacement and custom designed exhaust systems for your dealership. We design and manufacture various products for both underground and overhead carbon monoxide exhaust systems.
Harvey systems are engineered for new or existing buildings, providing minimum installation costs and maintenance. Options include:
1. Under-floor
2. Overhead
3. Through-the-door
4. Through-the-wall
5. Welding exhaust
6. Automatic retracting hose reel
All designed to provide the proper ventilation for automobiles, light-duty and diesel trucks, buses, tractors, toxic fumes and welding exhaust. Don't take chances with safety. Contact us today.
"Harvey's in-ground system cost less than our previous system and performed 20% better. Thanks for keeping it clean!"
Dallas Fort Worth Area Dealership
"We have vehicles going in and out all day. Harvey's above ground system is perfect because it's out of the way."
DC Metro Area Dealership