Lucrum Dealer Solutions Announces Dealer-Friendly Lender Management

Southlake, TX -- Lucrum Dealer Solutions introduces the first lender portfolio management firm for dealers, to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between dealers and lenders. Lucum aims to reduce the struggle between dealers and lenders and help dealers sell more cars more profitably.

Founded on a combined 70 years of automotive retail experience and a combined 40 years of extensive F&I experience, Lucrum Dealer Solutions is built by industry specialists for the automotive industry. Lucrum prides itself on the principle of offering unparalleled experience, initiative, and innovation to both dealers and lenders. Lucrum is the liaison dealers need to convert a strained relationship with lenders to a revenue-maximizing experience.

“ No one will rehash and work the lender harder than us“, pledge founding partner Joel Ferrier and managing partner David Huff. Ferrier is regarded as one of the automotive industry’s most accomplished and respected Directors of Finance with 20+ years in the industry. Huff brings 30 years of experience including a 20 year history as a dealership General Manager, building teams and customer loyalty. Together, Ferrier and Huff founded Lucrum Dealer Solutions on commitment to dealers to work with every opportunity to maximize profit with integrity and passion.

Lucrum partners with the dealership’s sales and finance department to assist with the structure, submissions, and the rehashing process on challenging deals that may have been turned down, conditioned, or approved but not maximized. Dealers benefit from the Lucrum leverage and establish greater buying power and improved callbacks.

Next month, Lucrum will launch its program to its first set of dealers, expecting positive, profitable results. Each of Lucrum’s Lender Relation Managers have access to 1200+ deals per month per LRM, earning insight to each lender’s buying habits and program niches in multiple markets. Lucrum’s team builds strong relationships from the buyer level up to the Supervisor, Credit Manager, and Branch Manager. Lucrum provides dealers with an open-minded, unbiased third-party perspective to ensure each dealer’s needs are fully met.

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About Lucrum Dealer Solutions

Lucrum Dealer Solutions is the first F&I Lender Portfolio Management firm for the automotive industry. With Lucrum, dealers benefit from 70 combined years of retail automotive experience and 40 combined years of extensive F&I experience. Lucrum aims to maximize revenue with every opportunity, turn new and pre-owned problem/overaged inventory and increase dealership opportunities. The team is available to assist with held offerings at any time needed and the services are provided with no contract, month to month deals.

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