VehicleXchange is not just an equity tool.
It is the most intelligent marketing platform on the planet.

VehicleXchange automates and optimizes the entire equity mining and marketing process for your sales and service customers,ensuring you capitalize on every equity opportunity available.

Our Experian Pre-Screen Technology enables instant equity on nearly every customer, even if they didn't buy from you!
  • No SSN # required
  • No credit inquiry
Fact: On average, over 55% of a dealer's service traffic DID NOT buy from that dealership.
Without VehicleXchange, a dealer would have NO equity insight into these "conquest" opportunities.
•  VehicleXchange allows a dealer to surgically target their competition in their market by year, make, model and equity!
Fact: 75% of transactions generated through VehicleXchange are from conquest customers!

Automated Mining Campaigns
VehicleXchange analyzes your customer database and market area and automatically markets to customers who meet your targets for:
1. Equity
2. OEM Incentives
3. Dealer Special Offers
4. Credit Criteria
5. Remaining Payments
6. Conquest Customers
and more!

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"VehicleXchange has definitely given us incremental business that we wouldn't have had because of the service drive element of it. We're averaging about 9 transactions a week as a result of the program."
Rob Roy − General Sales Manager
Draper Chevrolet Toyota | Saginaw, MI
Learn more about Draper Chevrolet's success with VehicleXchange here:

"With 35 car deals last month, our average front end gross was $1,700 and our average back end was $2,250. You tell me another tool that is going to generate that kind of return!"
Shad Kusler − Pre-Owned Team Lead
Puklich Chevrolet | Bismarck, ND
Learn more about Puklich Chevrolet's success with VehicleXchange here:

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