How to Cure "Spray and Pray" Marketing at Your Dealership with Bruce Thompson and Brian Ankney
Wednesday, October 14 at 2:00 PM EDT
Brian Ankey, AutoSuccess Bruce Thompson, Pearl Technology

Join us for this dynamic webinar on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015!

Too many auto dealers today subscribe to the traditional "spray and pray" methodology of marketing and advertising. This strategy of indiscriminately targeting consumers via radio, homemade tv commercials and gimmicky direct mail pieces is very costly, inefficient, lacks transparency and ultimately does not truly identify and engage the real opportunities available to them in the marketplace. Furthermore, these campaigns often cannot be measured for true ROI, allowing dealers to get caught in a vicious cycle of repeatedly spending valuable advertising dollars without understanding the true effectiveness of every campaign. In this webinar, VehicleXchange Founder and CEO Bruce Thompson will cover the current landscape of dealership marketing and explain how a dealer can leverage both technology and in-store processes to successfully implement a cost-conscious, logical and measurable marketing strategy that clearly identifies your best opportunities and targets them with the right message at the right time using the right channels.