Dentists, download the Testimonial Builder app and:
 • Follow the instructions and script in the app
 • Film and Upload videos to YouTube with the app
 • Share them with patients, employees and friends
 • Encourage patients to share them too
 • Incorporate testimonials into all of your marketing
This is an actual customer actually flipping for the camera. He was so happy at the time he bought the Jeep that his video went viral. You can bet a few of those several thousand views will be buying from the same dealership he did.
Your Reputation Online Can Be in Your Control
The Testimonial Builder program includes a smartphone App that:
•  Easily records your patient at their appointment
•  Includes a teleprompter so you can say the correct keywords to get found
•  Includes and saves an electronic release form
•  Takes advantage of Google's voice recognition software and ownership of YouTube.
•  Submits your videos with the proper keywords to YouTube, your website, and across social networks.
The Testimonial Builder Program also includes:
•  Custom Youtube Channel
•  Individual Team Logins
•  Customer Website to Collate Video Reviews
•  Online Video Training
•  Email and Phone Support
•  Custom Scripts
Put the power of video marketing in your hands

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