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Are you planning on attending NADA in January?
I will be a featured speaker this year and my topic is one of the hottest for 2019:
The 3 Types of Video Your Dealership Needs
1) Case Study: Caitlin’s Story
a. Results from a customer video testimonial after her purchase
b. Caitlin has over 1,800 Facebook Friends
c. Exposure from her video testimonial
    i. 50 views before she was out of F&I
    ii. 200 views the next morning
    iii. 300 views 5 days later
    iv. 1,200 views in less than 2 weeks
d. This exposure cost the dealership nothing
e. Most FB Friends live in the local area and are good prospects
f. The average FB user has over 350 friends
2) Incorporate videos into your email marketing
    a. Over 50% of people read their emails on a mobile phone
    b. Easier to watch a video on a mobile phone than read
    c. View video link in email marketing is typically one of the top 3 links clicked on.
    d. Videos make your marketing message more engaging
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