Video Best Practices
Installment #1
According to 70% of car buyers who use YouTube to research are influenced by video content.

In addition, time spent watching videos containing Test Drives, Features & Options and Walk-Throughs has doubled in the past year.
In this first installment, Doug Thompson, publisher of VehiclesTEST, offers dealers these tips for incorporating video and capturing more shoppers:
  • Provide independent reviews (not manufacturer commercials) for every new model. This will keep customers on your site for more than 3 minutes per video play.
  • Put videos on the New Inventory Pages to help customers research. SEE EXAMPLE
  • Incorporate videos on Vehicle Detail Pages lower in the funnel.
  • Use eye-catching green Video Review icon
“VehiclesTEST’s high-quality Honda videos help customers learn about the new features for each model, and also help customers learn right from our website. In additional it helps our BDC team build value in the customer's vehicle of choice by emailing the customer the video from VehiclesTEST. When they come to visit a salesperson they already know a lot about the vehicle, which is why VehiclesTEST is such a great tool. It’s not a Honda commercial and shows the vehicle in real-world settings.”
--- Boris Maksumov, Marketing Manager, Yonkers Honda

About Doug Thompson, Publisher of VehiclesTEST
With more than 30 years of experience in video, print and online publishing, Doug Thompson is a leading author/creator of third-party vehicle video reviews. In 2008, Thompson founded, which reviews current-generation automobile and truck models and creates video road tests for use on dealer websites throughout the United States. Before entering the auto industry, Thompson joined and worked with leading boat manufacturers in the United States on a ground-breaking video review platform.
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