Car buyers are watching more video than ever. Google announced half of all car shoppers watch at least a half-hour of video during the buying process, one in four watches an hour or more. Make sure they watch your videos!

Customer testimonials engage shoppers because they facilitate an authentic, interactive buying experience. According to, shoppers are 20% more likely to click on a specific vehicle if its listing includes a video.

Creating custom branded video testimonials allows your customer to do the marketing for you. Once the video is uploaded to YouTube, they have a chance to share the video on all of their social networks, gaining trusted, genuine exposure, to local prospects.
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Understand the Changes to the Auto Shopping Process

With Peter Martin

February 24, 2016
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST.
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Join digital marketing expert Peter “Webdoc” Martin and online reputation genius Ron “Mad” Max for this powerful webinar. Acclaimed speaker Peter Martin has been featured at notable industry events including NADA, Digital Dealer, RVDA, and AutoCon. Seasoned automotive veteran Ron Max was one of the top reviewed salesmen in the MileOne Automotive Group.
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