WebDoc Webinar Series
Your next best lead is sitting in your CRM and you are ignoring them. With careful data cleaning and targeted email messaging you have a chance to reactivate dormant leads and get them back into your dealership.

Even if a prospect bought from your competition they still need their vehicle serviced. Convert orphaned service customers into new car buyers by developing and nurturing the relationship through email marketing.
Webinar Details

Your customers are reading your reviews, are you?

With Peter Martin

November 17th 2015
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST.
Join digital marketing expert Peter “Webdoc” Martin and online reputation genius Ron “Mad” Max for this powerful webinar. Acclaimed speaker Peter Martin has been featured at notable industry events including NADA, Digital Dealer, RVDA, and AutoCon. Seasoned automotive veteran Ron Max was one of the top reviewed salesmen in the MileOne Automotive Group.
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