Automotive marketing leader HorsePower 360 is excited to announce their latest product:

The Big Kiosk is the NEXT BIG THING.

... salesperson of the future with our proprietary technology.

The Big Kiosk incorporates continuous-loop advertising to increase easy revenue. Showcase special offers, run complete promotions and capture vehicle information using the real-time Black Book or KBB applications. This creates a whole new dealership experience for customers who may just be waiting to get their vehicle serviced. When you offer consumers a chance to win a prize, they are more inclined to willingly share valuable information. With a simple swipe of a driver’s license you learn so much about the consumer. Your offer can even funnel customers back into the dealership with exclusive incentives for example, a free oil change or other automotive service. There is no easier way to create an extension of your sales force and add data to your CRM.

Through the Big Kiosk, show your customer appreciation by allowing opportunities to view coupons, print, add them to their cart to print later or text all at once. Customized buttons for each coupon showcases additional features like menus, maps and your website.

The best feature of the Big Kiosk is, quite simply put, all of them. The possibilities are endless, some of the options that can be featured are specials, loyalty, financing applications, website link, deal of the day, manufacturer rebates, weekly ads, VIP specials and more to brand your dealership. Plus, the Big Kiosk provides real-time reporting. See how your specials are faring and what hot buttons are most popular right on an Excel spreadsheet. This makes measuring your return on your investment quick and easy.

Stand above your competitors when you are the first dealership to debut this exciting new product. Increase revenue and improve customer experience.

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