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Top 3 Reasons to Use Video Testimonials

  1. A Trusted Connection: When people read plain-text reviews of a company, they tend to be a skeptical of how credible the source is. Video testimonials feel more authentic because the viewer can visibly see the emotion on the person’s face. This opens the door for trust, which is vital to having a strong business-to-customer relationship.
  2. Personalized Teleprompter – Each user is provided with a personalized teleprompter designed to increase SEO value by incorporating dealer-specific keywords. Google uses voice-recognition software to scan the video which will push your testimonials to page 1 of Google.
  3. Instant Gratification: Within seconds, the video is instantly sent to the customer’s email address for them to share on social media. Your customers will want to brag about their recent purchase, and you will be able to reach their entire online network with a trust-worthy review of your dealership.

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