The Apple Watch Impact on Email Marketing

  1. Plain Text Email - Apple Watch strips out all the CSS, HTML, and hosted images when viewing emails on the watch itself, only embedded images will be preserved.
  2. Links - unclickable! Recipients can see links are present, but can only access links from other devices.
  3. View Web / Mobile Version - just like other links this one will be unclickable. Apple Watch will make up for it by including a warning message when it can't display the full email: "The full version of this message isn't available on Apple Watch. But you can read it on your iPhone".
  4. Tracking - Apple Watch opens are untraceable at this time.
  5. Pre-Header Text - with minimal real estate, pre-header text should be clear and concise to ensure maximum engagement.

While checking email on the Apple Watch is more convenient, the lack of imagery and clickable links will create less actionable emails.

Stay tuned for the latest developments in mobile technology. Call today and mention the Apple Watch email for a reduced-price campaign this month only.

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